View from the Bedpan

Beverley June Richmond

Days after being run over by a truck, newspaper advertising rep Bev Richmond awakens to find herself flat on her back in Intensive Care with orthopedic and brain injuries. View From the Bedpan is Ms. Richmond's amusing, informative, and inspiring journey through hospitalization and healing. In this candid, touching book, read about outpourings of support and divine intervention. Witness the struggle for survival and the mastery of commode. Meet nurses, hospital personnel, and a revolving cast of roommates. Learn about hospital routines, the art of summoning a nurse, and the mystery of "the closed door". Explore pain, hallucinations, and phobias, as well as the many challenges affecting long-term hospital patients. Benefit from over seventy-five helpful strategies for patients and caregivers alike. Richmond's candid look at recovery is filled with lessons in humility, determination, compassion, and hope; and in her hands, hospital life comes alive with real characters, real situations- the good and the bad. Discover what it reveals about ourselves and others.