Until the Cows Come Home

J. T. Blakemore

This is the story of a man who faces down a great deal of adversity and lives to tell the tale. In 1963, J.T. took an Ill-advised ride in a '59 Hot Rod Chevy and regained consciousness 28 days later. The prognosis was simple: brain damage. The product of a tempestuous couple who met and married on the same day, J.T.'s often humorous journey from orphanage to U.S. Marines and beyond teaches him that adversity is a fact of life. His unflinching description of his ongoing recovery and his unique insights into the thought processes of someone with "drain bamage" will be uncharted territory for most readers, but it's well worth the trip. In spite of his many obstacles, this consummate storyteller is one of the most positive, enthusiastic men you will ever meet. "Damage to my big USMC pride would be an ongoing occurrence. On more than one occasion I have found myself, for no apparent reason, sitting squarely on my posterior. But I have learned two positive things about falling. First: getting back on my feet has become easier with every fall. Second: living with embarrassment won't kill you." His belief in "patient, prayerful, persistent perseverance" and an unflappable faith in God have served him well during his unusual journey. He has gone on to earn several college degrees, meet and marry his wife, and raise two equally strong and determined children. At first glance, you might think he's just an average guy. Until the Cows Come Home is an inspiring account of triumph over adversity--the sort of triumph that J.T. sincerely believes could be achieved by any one of us if we have faith, a healthy sense of humor, and (although he never comes right out and says it) a certain level of practicality. "I have had to learn to accept the fact that everything is constantly changing, and, in many cases, remains different and difficult. That sounds almost normal, doesn't it?"