Some Ding Happened

Author:  Veronika Breath

Have you dealt with some form of brain injury due to illness, aging or an accident?

Do you know someone who has had to deal with cognitive differences?

Do you understand the subtleties of a brain injury?

Living with the effects of a brain injury "ding" from a car crash can be life-altering. The rehabilitation, the daily struggles, the frustrations for both the patient and their families are immeasurable and have a ripple effect across the board.

Some Ding Happened is the retrospective journey of the author as she gradually learned to build strategies to better cope with affects of a brain injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident. On one fateful day, the author’s life changed drastically. From part-time teacher and artist to full-time recovery work, the author has spent the better part of ten years making herself stronger—mentally, physically, emotionally. Without knowing the how long and how far recovery could be, she worked with many experts to discover and cope with all the differences. She learned and continues to learn patience, acceptance, and taking life at a slower pace.

 Every brain injury is different but there are commonalities. Some Ding Happened is the story of survival, of insight, of understanding, of encouragement, of support.