Rethink Redo Rewired

Author:  Anthony Aquan-Assee, M.Ed

This book is about my discovery that I could help my brain and my body heal using some specific alternative treatments. I have learned to awaken my brain’s healing capacity by using natural and noninvasive interventions. This empowered me to participate in my own healing and made the road to my recovery following a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) a lot easier. The brain is not hardwired to remain the same, like a computer, but rather it continues to grow and change throughout one’s life. These treatments that I used following three traumatic brain injuries may enable a person to pursue healing on their own rather than waiting for someone to do it for them. Health is much more than the absence of illness; it involves learning to live responsibly, which in essence is living in a way that promotes an internal state that helps to prevent illness.