My Invisible Disability

Greg Noack

I needed proof that God existed. I received this proof from the swing of a baseball bat. While walking home from work on November 10, 1996 I was assaulted. That initial blow resulted in a severe head injury, and when I awoke from a fifteen day coma, I was in essence a newborn. My Invisible Disability is the recollection I have of rehabilitation from head injury and the struggles I endured to gain back all that I lost. The book is based on journals I wrote during recovery so it reveals the power of the human mind, therefore body and spirit. Going through this adversity and surviving the way I did is the proof I needed that God does exist, and had His hand in my healing. It took suffering from My Invisible Disability to realize He is there, and always was, and always will be.
Greg Noack lives and works in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has been employed in the field of neuro-rehabilitation for over four years and also gives lectures on his story to schools, hospitals and universities. He enjoys writing and running, having completed two marathons. He loves spending time with his girlfriend, family and friends.