Keeping It Together-How to Cope as a Family Caregiver without Losing Your Sanity

Author:  Eleanor Silverberg

Keeping It Together: A Self-Development Guide for Family Caregivers is a product of the insight I obtained since writing my first book Caregiving with Strength. Both are cocoons, offering refuge to reflect and work towards making change for potential growth. My first book was written for both the family and the professional caregiver. Based on the feedback I received and my continued work with family caregivers, I came to see that you, as a family caregiver require a book that is written just for family caregivers. This book is more practical, intended for you to feel you are being heard, offering appropriate tools and exercises that can be helpful in moving you forward with ‘renewed purpose’. It is not intended to replace any work you are doing with your present counselor, doctor or therapist. It may be beneficial, though, share this book’s content as you see fit with the professional you’re working with.