Helping Sons and Daughters: When a parent has a brain injury


Marilyn Lash, M.S.W. and Janelle Breese Biagioni

Children often feel lost and abandoned while family members spend long days and nights at the hospital. A parent's absence from home changes the child's world. This tip card helps family members recognize the needs and emotions of children when a parent has a brain injury. It gives tips on how to communicate with children of all ages and what to expect when mom or dad comes home.

Tips help families and professionals understand the grieving process, emotions and reactions of children when a parent has a traumatic brain injury.  Discusses how understanding and reactions differ by child's age from preschoolers to adult sons and daughters.

Gives suggestions for helping children cope with absences due to hospital care and rehabilitation treatment.  Has tips for helping children prepare for and adjust to parent's return home.

Pages 8
Year 2005