Head Games: Football Concussion Crisis

Christopher Nowinski

Every parent, coach, athletic trainer and school athlete should read this book to understand the full impact of concussion in sports. A former Harvard football player and professional wrestler, Nowinski's career was ended by multiple concussions that left him struggling to get through the day. His compelling writing style intertwines his personal experience with interviews and research findings from national experts on the treatment of post concussion syndrome.

He debunks the common myths and misunderstandings about the effects and extent of concussion in our youth, high school, college and even professional sports. He clearly explains the inherent risks of cerebral concussions in contact sports and the measures that would improve their identification and prevent complications. While he presents the most recent studies and medical advances in identifying and treating the symptoms of concussion, he also exposes the attitudes among athletes and coaches that contribute to endangering our athletes. Item: HEAD

For more information on concusion in school age athletes, see the manual Getting A-Head of Concussion.

  • For the latest research findings on concussion, see the book Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Concussion Syndrome
  • For a manual for adults on understanding and living with post concussion syndrome, see BRAINLASH
ISBN# 1-59763-013-6
Pages 195 pages, 6x9 soft cover
Year 2011