Finding Support: After brain injury


Judy Sullivan, B.A. and Janelle Breese Biagioni

Family support after a member has a TBI or traumatic brain injury helps everyone cope. Helping families and survivors find support after brain injury can reduce stress, promote adjustment, reduce isolation, and help recovery. This tip card gives practical tips for creating formal and informal support systems at home and in the community by building friendships, joining support groups, and developing relationships.

Finding family support after TBI is not always easy. Families and survivors of brain injury often find that relationships with friends, coworkers and relatives change. Just when support is most needed, it can be difficult to find when others do not understand acquired brain injury. This brain injury information tip card describes how natural supports can help, as well as informal support from peers and friends. It discusses when more formal support and help from professionals is needed.

Tips give suggestions and practical strategies to help families and survivors build support systems to reduce isolation and strengthen relationships. A section for professionals includes tips on working with families and survivors.

Pages 8
Year 2008