Family Rehabilitation Activity Manual


Barbara Messenger, M.Ed, ABDA and Niki Ziarnek, M.S., CCC- SLP/L

Brain injury rehabilitation manual with functional activities specifically designed for families for use at home and in community.

Full Description

With shortening stays in rehabilitation programs, individuals with brain injuries are returning home sooner after their injuries. This means that many families become responsible for caregiving, supervision and/or emotional support at home and in the community. This may be temporary or it may continue for long periods of time.

Families are often unsure how to help the person as the rehabilitation stage of care is behind them.

We have taken the four functional rehabilitation activity manuals used by clinicians in rehabilitation and residential treatment programs (see column on left) and made a special manual for families. We selected activities that families can easily use to help the individual with behavior, thinking and learning (cognition), leisure interests, and daily living (hygiene, dressing, etc). This activity manual is especially useful for families with a relative who has a moderate to severe brain injury as many of the exercises work on attention, memory, organization, behaviors, anger, emotions and concentration. There are 100 exercises designed to teach and reinforce skills for everyday activities using a step by step format that families can easily follow.

Families need no special training or equipment to use this manual. Exercises are based on activities that individuals and families do every day, such as holding conversations, watching television, playing cards, using the telephone, doing laundry, cooking, and playing games.

There are...

  • 60 activities to improve behavior after brain injury
  • 25 activities to improve cognition (thinking)
  • 10 activities for leisure
  • 5 activities on daily living skills

Recommendations for families with more information ...

  • Manual filled with practical strategies for families is the Brain Injury: It is a journey
  • Learn how to understand and respond to changes in behavior in The Helping Exchange: PEARL
ISBN# 1-931117-38-1
Pages 118 pages, 8 1/2 x 11, softcover, perfect bound
Year 2006