Explaining Brain Injury, Blast Injury and PTSD to Children and Teens


Marilyn Lash, M.S.W., Janelle Breese Biagioni and Tonya Hellard

When a parent is injured, sons and daughters often feel confused, scared, anxious and angry. This guide helps parents explain the physical, cognitive, behavioral, social and communicative changes that can follow a brain injury, blast injury or PTSD. Using examples from children of all ages, it helps them understand their emotional reactions to a parent's injury or PTSD. Each chapter has an exercise for children and practical tips for children, parents and professionals.

Full Description

This guide addresses the emotional impact of a parent's injury upon children in the family. It discusses the complex and conflicting emotions expressed by many sons and daughters as they recount the impact of a mother or father's brain injury on their lives and their family. A special chapter on PTSD is especially relevant for military families and returning veterans.

Based on extensive interviews with children and teens, this guide tells their story through their personal experiences as they grew up with a parent with a brain injury or PTSD. Their comments and insights will resonate with many families. By understanding the anxieties and fears of children, parents learn how to provide emotional support, communicate with children, and help children cope. This guide is helpful for families at any stage post injury or recovery as it covers children's perspectives from early hospital care to adjusting to life at home after a parent's injury.

ISBN# 9781931117531
Pages 80 pages, 7 x 8½, perfect bound
Year 2009