Executive Skills in Children and Adolescents


Peg Dawson, Ed.D. and Richard Guare, Ph.D.

Executive skills become increasing critical for students with TBI or traumatic brain injury as they develop from childhood into adolescents. The latent effects of brain trauma often become more visible in adolescents with increased cognitive challenges in school. This manual for educators, therapists and psychologists takes a detailed approach to assessing executive skills and designing interventions for students with ADHD, learning disabilities and traumatic brain injury.

Full Description

This very practical manual provides has a clear, step by step detailed approach for strengthening executive functioning in children and adolescents. It explains how executive skills develop in children and are used in everyday life - from the self-regulation required for responsible behavior to the planning and initiation abilities needed to complete homework on time. There are guidelines for educators and clinicians on conducting multimodal assessments and using the results to plan environmental modifications, individualized instruction, coaching, and whole-class interventions.

Attention is also given to working with children with ADHD and other clinical problems in which executive skills are impaired. The authors have extensive experience with students whose executive skills are impaired by traumatic brain injuries.

This is a useful manual for teachers and parents to use in collaboration with school-based clinicians and for students required accommodations or special education. There are many useful forms for assessment tools, checklists and planning sheets, ready to photocopy and use.

ISBN# 978-1-60623-571-3
Pages 224 pages, 8½ x 11, softcover
Year Second edition, 2010