Essence of Interdependence: Building community for everyone

Al Condeluci, Ph.D.

By challenging how people’s differences are viewed, the author asserts that “the problem” is not that people have disabilities. Rather, the problem is how typical people in a community come to see and know people with disabilities. Using the concept of “social capital,” the author explores the similarities among all people and the steps that are necessary to build the bridges that lead to personal relationships.

By exploring the roles, expectations, behavior and stereotypes of people with and without disabilities, this manual lays the foundation for personal growth and larger societal change. Using a paradigm or model for interdependence, methods for moving from a medical model to a community approach show how to support the development, growth and independence of people with disabilities as integral figures in their communities. Weaving together personal accounts and frank discussions with clinical expertise and social theory, this manual is engaging reading with a powerful message for all. Whether you are a clinician, educator, caregiver, family member or advocate, you will find this book engaging, insightful and challenging. Most of all, it will make you rethink your beliefs, attitudes and approach to inclusion of people with disabilities in your community.

ISBN# 1-931117-44-6
Pages 88 pages, 7 x 8 1/2, softcover
Year 2008