Coping with Survival after Brain Injury


John W. Richards, M.S.W., MBA

Surviving a traumatic brain injury doesn't mean that life returns to "normal" for everyone. Many aspects of life can change for the survivor. Put simply, YOU aren't the same. A survivor gives tips and information for adjustment, acceptance and recovery.

Survivors have choices for building a new life after brain injury. This tip card compares negative and positive approaches to coping, recovery, and adjustment of persons with brain injury. It contrasts the value of focusing on the past and what has been lost to focusing on the present and what can be done. It is the beginning of a search for a "New Normal" after brain injury.

The information and tips on reactions, emotions, abilities and attitudes are useful for brain injury support groups as well as individuals. This tip card is a useful tool for discussions with family members, counselors, and peers.

Pages 8
Year 2007