Concussion Education - In the Student-athletes neighborhood

Phil Hossler, ATC
When any athlete sustains a sports concussion, sensitive, trained and compassionate neighbors are needed to monitor the athlete’s recovery. For student-athletes, this managing team or neighborhood includes coaches, athletic trainers, parents, physicians, teachers, school nurses and school psychologists along with concussion specialists. This tip card provides checklists and practical strategies on educating everyone on the signs and symptoms of concussion in student-athletes with tips for support and accommodations.

A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury. Often times the term “head injury” is used, but it is far more accurate to use the term “brain injury” since the brain has been traumatized. This concussion tip card guides everyone from parents to school and athletic staff to recognize concussion symptoms. It explains how to provide the student-athlete with cognitive rest, emotional support, assistance and accommodations in school, and guidelines for safe return to play.

Pages 8
Year 2011