CONCUSSION: An Educational DVD


Barry Willer, Ph.D., John Leddy, M.D., and narrated by Peter Murray

Brain injury DVD on concussion and post concussion syndrome for students, educators, coaches, school nurses and athletic trainers.

Full Description

Developed as an educational tool for teachers and trainers to educate students about concussion, this DVD is an effective teaching tool with clear language, graphics and vignettes. It combines lessons in neuroanatomy with student interviews to explain complex issues in easy to understand language with practical suggestions for families and school staff.

Five modules cover:

How the brain works:Explains why the brain is vulnerable to trauma. Introduces basic anatomy of the brain including functions of lobes and hemispheres.

Definition of a concussion: Describes concussion as an "altered state of consciousness that results from a trauma" and explains that there may be no loss of consciousness.

Metabolic changes: Provides scientific explanation for why symptoms may be delayed after a concussion.

Symptoms of concussion: Typical signs and symptoms of concussion are presented in three categories of vestibular, cerebral and somatic. Highlights importance of observation for proper diagnosis.

Concussion management: Highlights critical symptoms of concussion that demand immediate medical attention. Includes cautions for returning to activities that pose risk for second concussion.

Pages Length: 14 min
Year 2004