Cognitive Rehabilitation: An integrative neuropsychological approach

McKay Moore Sohlberg, Ph.D. and Catherine Mateer, Ph.D.
Brain injury cognition clinical textbook on cognitive rehabilitation and attention process training in children and adults with traumatic brain injury.

This textbook gives a comprehensive overview of cognitive rehabilitation and its application to attention, memory, executive functions, and communication. The authors present a broad range of clinical interventions for treating persons with acquired cognitive impairments and for managing emotional and behavioral issues.

The authors address behavioral interventions, process-oriented therapies, environmental manipulations, and psychotherapy. Theoretical principles are reviewed in depth with detailed descriptions of how to implement specific techniques and clinical protocols.

Written in a clear, straightforward style with many case studies, there are samples of assessment instruments, rating scales, and patient handouts.

The authors provide techniques to foster self-management of cognitive and behavioral challenges and successful collaboration among patients/clients, families and therapists. Special topics included are management of mild brain injury and brain injury in children.

This book will especially interest clinicians using the Attention Process Training Programs by Sohlberg and Mateer.


ISBN# 1-57230-613-0
Pages 492 pages, 6 x 9, hardcover
Year 2001