Changes in Self Awareness after brain injury


McKay Moore Sohlberg, Ph.D.

The survivor's awareness of changes in abilities and skills after a brain injury can affect everything from willingness to enter therapy to accepting help and support. The effects of lowered self awareness can range a belief that "nothing has changed" to stubborn resistance and serious safety risks. This tip card helps survivors, family members, and therapists understand the reasons for altered awareness and gives strategies to compensate.

Changes in self awareness after traumatic brain injury can result in difficulties for the survivor with TBI and the family. Impaired self awareness can limit or slow recovery because individuals may not follow therapy or treatment recommendations. Efforts by family members to help can be especially frustrating if the person insists that "everything is fine" or "I don't need help." This tip card describes 4 major causes of altered awareness after a brain injury and provides tips and strategies for therapists and caregivers.

Pages 8
Year 2007