Caregiving with Strength

Author:  Eleanor Silverberg
Written from a theoretical perspective for professionals and for family members to gain insight, this book offers an innovative means to help caregivers of the chronically ill strengthen their inner emotional resiliency. Silverberg introduces you to "Acknowledge,Assess,Assist" the 3-A ground breaking model she developed that addresses the adversity, with an emphasis on the losses and impacting grief that influences caregiver behavior and well-being. She shows you how the impacting grief stemming from circumstances of adversity and loss can be used as a powerful transforming resource.

Although Silverberg originally devised this burnout prevention model for caregivers of people with dementia, it can easily be applied in dealing with other illnesses as well as other challenging work/life circumstances. By providing tools, theoretical background, insights to ponder and stimulating caregiver anecdotes, professionals obtain valuable resources to help family caregivers. For family caregivers, a window of opportunity may be opened welcoming transformation that leads to enhanced resiliency, balance and personal growth.