BRAINLASH: Maximize your recovery from mild brain injury (3rd ed.)

Gail Denton, Ph.D.


Book helps adults and families understand mild brain injury symptoms with strategies for physical, cognitive and emotional changes after concussion.

Book on concussion helps families, individuals and caregivers understand the consequences of mild traumatic brain injury. Written by a psychotherapist who coped over many years with the effects of several mild brain injuries, it provides clear and practical information with many tools and strategies that can be applied to daily life. Life style changes are described in detail and address all family members. There are clear explanations of how executive functions may be affected including attention, communication, inhibitions, and thought processes. There is a very useful toolbox of techniques and compensatory strategies. Changes in both the physical body and emotional wellbeing of an individual are addressed.

This book provides insights and reassurance to individuals and families who are trying to make sense of their altered world after "mild" brain injury.

ISBN# 1-932603-40-9
Pages 344 pages, 7 x 10, softcover
Year 2008 3rd edition