Brain Injury How to recognize and treat it

Harvey E. Jacobs, Ph.D. and Flora Hammond, M.D.

Information on brain injury treatment with tips for families, caregivers, veterans and clinicians on the causes, symptoms, treatment and recovery of adults with acquired brain injury due to internal and external causes. Using clear language for families and caregivers, this tip card describes treatment of: traumatic brain injury (TBI), anoxia (hypoxia), stroke or cardiovascular accidents (CVA), aneurysm, toxemia, viruses and bacterial infections in the brain.

This user friendly guide and treatment information sheet helps families and caregivers recognize and understand the various types of acquired brain injuries. There is a detailed list of physical, cognitive, communication, emotional and behavioral symptoms that may occur due to a brain injury.

This tip card is extremely helpful for clinicians and physicians to use with families to help them understand the various types of acquired brain injuries and the range of symptoms and effects that may cause impairments or disabilities. It is also recommended for information packets, family education programs, support groups, and in-service training.

Item B101
Pages 8
Year 2010