Acquired Brain Injury: Teens Talking to Teens Video and guide.


This 25 minute DVD and viewer’s guide show how life changed for three adolescents and young adults after their brain injuries.

"People give me weird looks sometimes when I act oddly and I think…I wish I could scream out and tell them, ‘Hey, I’ve had a brain injury, cut me some slack’…having a brain injury really damages you with everything. It’s hard to overcome many of the challenges."

You will meet Sevran, Sandra and Sabrina. Their candid discussions about the realities of living with an acquired brain injury offer the viewer an insightful look at the challenges of their personal journeys. This DVD promotes discussion among peers and educators.

Teen to Teen video wins three awards in competition... Aegis Award 2000, winner in documentary category Communicator Awards 2000, award of excellence in medical/educational category New York Festival Film and Video. medal in category of professional education for patient information.

Pages Length: 25 minutes
Year 2000