A Student Who Never Stopped Learning

 The Inspiring, Amazing Story ...

The word “inspiring” is meaningful in manyways because this story revolves around the concept of inspiration: to inspire again to
build up strength, courage and faith whenyou have to deal with tragedy.

• An inspiration for a better way of life, a positive attitude, benefiting fully from it.

• An inspiration for never giving up on life,no matter how big the tragedy is, and to not take anything for granted in life.

Written by Grazia Murdoch-Riolo

“The purpose of writing this story is to share it with you and hope that you benefit from my journey of faith. It was through pain and suffering that I found faith, hope and a love for
God, and that I learned to grow and to begin the healing process.”

... About her son Matthew

In this book, the word amazing is a reflection of how truly astounding Matthew’s story really is, starting from the first day of the
accident, and on through to the present. How Matthew truly has improved, changing from the day he was declared a “vegetable,”
to becoming a very capable young man. Today, he enjoys music in all its aspects, listening and playing, and even making his
own music CDs, using his highly developed musical ear and memory.