A Saga of Poems

Michael R. Grego

My name is Michael. I am 20 years old. I began writing poetry in middle school. The reactions I received from teachers and others let me know that they enjoyed my work. My writing was interrupted when I was in an auto accident in 2003. I was in a coma for 4-5 months. My condition is called Traumatic Brain Injury. It has taken me three years to regain my interest and my skills: writing, speaking, walking. I continue to work on my physical recovery today. Recovering from such a serious accident takes a long time. I am happy I was able to regain the ability to talk and write within the first two years of my rehabilitation. Along with my tutor, Ms. Mary Cantwell, we have continued to write poetry and express the feelings I have inside of me. The first part of this book contains the poetry I wrote before my accident. The rest is a collaberative work of Mary's and mine. Writing has been an integral part of my recovery. It helps me realize what can be accomplished even from someone in a wheelchair!