Compensatory Systems: For students with brain injuries.

Ann Glang, McKay Moore Sohlberg and Bonnie Todis

Developing and implementing compensatory strategies for students with TBI or traumatic brain injury is complicated by multiple teachers and classroom changes in middle and high schools. This manual shows educators how to select a compensatory system, teach students how to use it, and monitor its effectiveness with adolescent students with a consistent plan for all teachers and classes.

This manual gives step by step activities and examples on using compensatory strategies for students with moderate to severe brain injuries in the classroom. Shows teachers how to select a compensatory system, how to teach students to use it, and how to monitor its effectiveness for the student. Includes practical guidelines that students, parents and teachers can follow with forms for selecting a system, monitoring homework, using the system, tracking schedules, and monitoring student notebook.


ISBN# 1-931117-10-1
Pages 40 pages, 7 x 8½, softcover
Year 1999