A Change of Mind: One Family's Journey Through Brain Injury

Janelle Breese Biagioni

Book on marital stress and adjustment for families when a spouse has a brain injury. Discusses emotional trauma for family, grieving, mourning, parenting, and caregiving after severe head trauma.

Full Description

This is a very personal view of marriage and parenting by a wife with two young children as she was thrust into the complex and confusing world of brain injury.

Gerry Breese, a husband, father and constable in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police was injured in a motorcycle crash while on duty.

His wife traces the roller coaster of emotions, during her husband's hospital stay and return home. She takes you into their home as they struggle to rebuild their relationship and life at home. The author shares the intimacy of her marriage and the emotional aftermath of brain injury. This book gives the reader a new appreciation of what survivors and families encounter day by day as they try to heal their lives and move forward.

Janelle's description of the behavioral and cognitive changes that made it so difficult for her husband to make sense of the world expose the vulnerability, anxieties and fears that can accompany a brain injury. Her emotions as a spouse, and the reactions of their two young daughters, expose the conflicts that so many families experience.

Janelle has earned a Certificate in Death and Grief Studies at the Center for Loss and Life Transition in conjunction with Colorado State University. This book's special section on grieving and mourning will be helpful for families as well as the professionals and friends who counsel and support them.